Boron One Holdings applies for Piskanja Exploitation Field Approval, Serbia

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Boron One Holdings Inc. [TSXV-BONE], formerly Erin Ventures Inc., has applied to the Serbian Mining Ministry for an “Approval of the Exploitation Field”, for the company’s wholly owned Piskanja Boron Project. This submission marks a fundamental step forward in the mine licensing process.

Once granted, an Approval of the Exploitation Field provides exclusive rights to develop and monetize a mineral deposit in Serbia. Boron One’s submission for this approval includes a Serbian compliant Feasibility Study, an Environmental Impact Assessment Synopsis, the Certificate of Reserves for Piskanja, and required permits from various Serbian Governmental Ministries, all in accordance with Serbian mining regulations.

Tim Daniels, President of Boron One, stated, “Applying for the Exploitation Field Approval is a significant milestone for us as we progress in the development of Piskanja.” Daniels added, “While we await the Ministry’s approval, we are actively pursuing other critical tasks, such as securing strategic partners, sourcing engineering groups for the design and construction of our mining and processing facilities, and establishing relationships with off-takers who require our boron.”

Following the granting of the Approval of the Exploitation Field, Boron One will continue with the licensing and development processes by completing and submitting blueprinted mine and processing designs for approval, the final requisite step before commencing the construction of the facilities.

Piskanja is Boron One’s wholly owned boron deposit with a Measured Mineral Resource of 1.39 million tonnes (averaging 35.59% B2O3), an Indicated Mineral Resource of 5.48 million tonnes (averaging 34.05% B2O3), and an Inferred Mineral Resource of 284.7 thousand tonnes (averaging 39.59% B2O3), calculated in accordance with the Canadian Institute of Mining Definition Standards.

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