Strathmore Plus Uranium drills 0.114% eU3O8 over 8.5 feet at Agate, Wyoming

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Strathmore Plus Uranium Corp. [TSXV-SUU; OTCQB-SUUFF] has completed the first phase of exploratory drilling at the Agate project, Wyoming, where uranium mineralization was encountered within 93 of the 100 holes drilled.

The uranium mineralization is typical of the classic, Wyoming-type roll front deposit that was first described historically in the Shirley Basin district in the 1960s. The results of the newly completed 50 holes are tabled on the original press release.

The highlight was the drilling of holes, AG-10-23 (8.5 feet at 0.114% eU3O8) and AG-16-23 (14.5 feet at 0.110% eU3O8) completed 800 feet apart and with open mineralization apparent outwards of each of the drill holes. The 100 holes totalled 14,765 feet drilled. Strathmore is planning and permitting for up to 400 additional drill holes to be completed during the spring/summer of 2024.

Phase 1 of exploratory drilling at the Agate project targeted the Lower “A” sand of the Eocene Wind River Formation, an arkosic-rich sandstone which is noted for its high porosity and permeability, and high groundwater transmissivity. Strathmore explored an area of the Agate project where historical drilling completed by Kerr McGee Corporation in the 1970s encountered uranium roll-front deposits, saturated with groundwater, from 80-150 feet deep. The intercept results are reported at a minimum thickness of 2-feet and a grade cutoff of 0.02% eU3O8 (equivalent uranium).

The geophysical results are based on equivalent uranium (eU3O8) of the gamma-ray probes calibrated at the Department of Energy’s Test Facility in Casper, Wyoming. A geophysical tool with gamma-ray, spontaneous potential, resistivity, and drift detectors was utilized.

The 2023 drilling was completed by Single Water Services utilizing a mud-rotary rig and the geophysical logging was completed by Hawkins CBM Logging, both of Wyoming with extensive experience in the uranium industry. Terrence Osier, PG, VP Exploration for Strathmore, was the supervising Geologist and oversaw the drilling activities and lithologic descriptions of the drilled cuttings which were sampled at 5-foot intervals. The drilling was completed on budget (US$275,000) and in a timely manner over a month’s time. The results of the exploration will be analyzed and assist in the layout of additional drill sites proposed for the 2024 drilling season.

The Agate property consists of 52 wholly owned lode mining claims covering 1,075 acres. The uranium mineralization is contained in classic Wyoming-type roll fronts within the Eocene Wind River Formation, an arkosic-rich sandstone.

Historically, 51 million pounds of uranium were mined in Shirley Basin, including from open-pit, underground, and the first commercial in-situ recovery operation in the USA during the 1960s. At the property, the uranium mineralization is shallow, from 80 to approximately 150 feet deep, much of which is below the water table and likely amenable to in-situ recovery. Kerr McGee Corp., the largest US uranium mining company at the time, drilled at least 650 holes across the project area, delineating several targets of potential mineralization across the project.

Strathmore has three permitted uranium projects in Wyoming, including Agate, Beaver Rim, and Night Owl. The Agate and Beaver Rim properties contain uranium in typical Wyoming-type roll front deposits based on historical drilling data. The Night Owl property is a former producing surface mine that was in production in the early 1960s.

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