Blackwolf Copper and Gold reports assays on Harry and Cantoo property, British Columbia

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Blackwolf Copper and Gold Ltd. [TSXV-BWCG; OTC PINK-BWCGF] reported final assay results from the 7-hole surface drill program and surface sampling at the Harry Property, and the 3-hole, first-ever, drill program at the Cantoo property completed in 2023.

The two properties are strategically located in the prolific Golden Triangle. The Cantoo Property is positioned 15 km north of Hyder, Alaska, neighboring the town of Stewart, British Columbia. It is also 3 km west of the past-producing Premier Gold Mine, currently in development, and 10 km south of the Scottie Gold Mine. The Harry property, located 30 km north of Stewart, is accessible along the all-season Granduc Road. Situated within a 50 km-long axis featuring high-grade gold occurrences and deposits, including the Valley of the Kings, Brucejack mine.

Harry Property – Multiple Mineralization-Styles: Drilling and surface sampling have identified multiple mineralization styles, in all regions of the Property, particularly at the Swann Zone. Two major mineralization styles have been identified, including the high-grade gold-silver veins contained in an extensive quartz-sericite-pyrite alteration package, as noted in surface sample 4.16 g/t Au and 9.71 g/t Ag, and subsequent in drilling 1.30 g/t Au and 2.90 g/t Ag over 2.0 metres and previously released results of 312 g/t Au and 101 g/t Ag, over 1.0 metre.

Multi-ounce silver base-metal veins with gold credits, as noted in surface sample 1,049 g/t Ag, 4.447 g/t Au, 1.521% Cu, 8.0% Pb, 1.55% Zn, and subsequent in drilling 374 g/t Ag, 5.34% Pb, 1.41% Zn over 0.47 metres.

Multi-Zone Mineralization: The exploration effort has identified silver and base-metal occurrences, over a 3- kilometer trend, and two areas of intense quartz-sericite-pyrite alteration, each up to 1 km in extent and associated with the previously released new high-grade visible gold vein discovery at the Swann Zone.

Cantoo Property: The surface exploration highlighted the high-grade mineralization with multiple scree samples from the mineralization above, as noted in samples 29.2 g/t Au, 2,378 g/t Ag, 4.345% Cu, 7.24% Zn, and 19.9 g/t Au and 7.92 g/t Ag.

The initial drill program intersected porphyry-style alteration; strong zones of quartz-sericite alteration with sulphide mineralization. The strong mineralized alteration halos are analogue to the confirmed wide surface Cantoo vein mineralization outcropping in cliffs. The mineralization is closely associated with Jurassic-aged Texas Creek Intrusion suite as noted in mineralized interval in hole CT23-003 1.53 g/t Au and 1.01 g/t Au both over 1.5 metre. Further drilling to the southwest is needed to vector into high-grade shoots.

Rob McLeod, Executive Chairman, stated, “Encountering Brucejack-style remobilized coarse electrum veins at Harry was the highlight of the 2023 program. Extensive multiphase sulphide-rich veining within a wide halo of strongly anomalous gold and silver is highly encouraging. Drilling in 2024 will target additional high-grade surface values and structural/geochemical traps located up dip from the high-grade veins. At Cantoo, geochemical vectoring and surface sampling are suggesting a northeast strike and steep dip to the wide veins; subsequent drilling will test this concept.”

Morgan Lekstrom, CEO, commented, “Having successfully executed a program that stayed within budget, we have significantly expanded on previous results at the Harry Property, made a gold discovery, and gained a comprehensive understanding of the Cantoo Geology. This has led to a tremendous year for our initial drilling endeavors on both properties, and we are eager to build upon the discoveries at Harry and our newfound insights into the Cantoo Property. Mineralized occurrences at Harry have extended from the Swann Zone to several other mineralized occurrences across a 3-km trend, adjacent to one of North America’s historically high-grade producers. Our company is fully funded to proceed with an extensive drill program on the Harry Property in 2024, and we have identified multiple areas where we anticipate further high-grade discoveries.”

Harry Property Surface Sampling: In the company’s first season of exploration on the Harry Property, a total of 99 surface grab samples were collected, marking a significant step in our understanding of the property. The primary aim was to assess the ten previously defined mineralized zones and establish any relationships between them.

The property exhibits two distinct mineralization styles. The first is characterized by east-trending, steeply dipping high-grade gold-silver precious metal veins within an extensive lower-grade gold, quartz-sericite-pyrite alteration package, comparable to larger Jurassic systems. Additionally, there are younger north-northwest trending, moderately dipping multi-ounce silver-base metal veins with gold credits, analogous to Eocene systems.

Key findings from surface sampling and mapping include the identification of two areas with intense quartz-sericite-pyrite (QSP) alteration, each extending up to one kilometer. These broad alteration areas host lower grade precious metals with notable samples such as B976737 4.16 g/t Au and 9.71 g/t Ag and B0017305 1.756 g/t Au and 21.68 g/t Ag. These areas are also associated with high-grade visible gold vein mineralization in the drill core, as noted in previously released results (H23-017: 312 g/t Au and 101 g/t Ag, over 1.0 metre from 139 metres to 140 metres, and 277 g/t Au and 118 g/t Ag, over 1.0 metre from 199 to 200 metre.

Additionally, the 2023 surface work delineated a -km trend with four mineralized zones, revealing multi-ounce silver-base metal veins with gold credits in samples like B976744 1,049 g/t Ag, 4.447 g/t Au, 1.521% Cu, 8.0% Pb, 1.55% Zn, B976724 714 g/t Ag, 14.19% Pb, 16.83% Zn, and B0012762 475 g/t Ag, 9.79% Pb, 10.34% Zn.

The 2023 drilling program at the Harry property targeted mineralization previously identified in historical drilling at the Swann zone. The primary focus was on targeting silver-base metal veins with gold credits and exploring the extent of precious metal mineralization within the broad quartz-sericite-pyrite alteration halo west of the Swann zone, extending towards the Milestone prospect.

A total of 1,741 metres of drilling across seven holes was completed in September 2023. The outcomes of the program exceeded expectations, as evidenced by the successful intersection of high-grade silver-base metal mineralization at the Swann zone. Results defined a 150-meter mineralized trend of sheeted mineralized veins, ranging from 0.3 to 3.0 meters in width at the Swann zone, as exemplified by H23-012: 0.47 g/t Au, 374 g/t Ag, 5.34% Pb, 1.41% Zn over 0.47 metres.

Moreover, the program showcased the company’s capability to unveil the potential for extensive high-grade gold mineralization within the expansive quartz-sericite-pyrite (QSP) halo. With only three diamond drill holes testing it to date, previously released results from H23-017 (312 g/t Au and 101 g/t Ag, over 1.0 metre from 139 metres to 140 metres, and 277 g/t Au and 118 g/t Ag, over 1.0 metre from 199 to 200 metres) and hole H23-018 intersected 1.30 g/t Au and 2.90 g/t Ag over 2.0 metres within a longer low-grade intervals of gold mineralization encountered in the quartz-sericite-pyrite halo 0.42 g/t Au, 5.97 g/t Ag over 17.0 metres.

Cantoo Property: The property has a rich mining history with three adits driven in the early 1920’s to follow high-grade gold-silver mineralization with base metal credit breccias, stockworks, and vein structures, reaching up to 30 meters in thickness on surface.

The 2023 surface exploration highlighted the high-grade mineralization with multiple scree samples from the mineralization above due to terrain steepness, as noted in sample B0011179 with 29.2 g/t Au, 2,378 g/t Ag, 4.35% Cu, 7.24% Zn, and B0011169 with 19.9 g/t Au and 7.92 g/t Ag. The 2023 drilling at the Cantoo was the first ever drill program completed to date on the property with 1,356 meters completed in three holes. This initial drilling effort has significantly advanced our understanding of the complex structural geology in the area, refining our targeting strategy for the upcoming drill season.

There are numerous untested targets on the Harry Property; future work will include exploring the west side of the QSP alteration at the Golden Summit prospect. Additionally, the second alteration halo at the Harry and Ursula prospects further south, mirroring the high-grade precious metal veins intercepted this season, represents an exciting opportunity for future exploration. Furthermore, three additional zones hosting silver-base metal veins are yet to be explored, particularly the Sheeted Vein and Saw Cut prospects further south.

Blackwolf holds a 100% interest in the high-grade Niblack copper-gold-zinc-silver VMS project, located adjacent to tidewater in southeast Alaska. In addition, the company holds a 100% interest in five Hyder Area gold-silver and base metal properties in southeast Alaska and an option to acquire an 80% interest in the Harry gold-silver property.

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