Cantex Development confirms elevated germanium values along entire Main Zone at North Rackla, Yukon

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Cantex Mine Development Corp. [TSXV-CD; OTCQB-CTXDF] provided an update on its 100%-owned 14,077-hectare North Rackla claim block in the Yukon.

Dr. Charles Fipke reported that 455 germanium results have been received for drill core from 61 intercepts drilled from 31 pads spanning the entire 2.35-km drill confirmed strike length of the Main Zone silver-lead-zinc-germanium mineralization at North Rackla.

Best germanium results from the Main Zone included 1,595 g/t, 952 g/t, 1,095 g/t, 1,024 g/t, 2,082 g/t, 1,287 g/t, 1,266 g/t and other encouraging assays. The average of these 61 intercepts is 663 g/t germanium in sphalerite.  When combined with the previously analyzed 36 intercepts the average is 654 g/t germanium.

At the GZ Zone, 57 analyses were received from 9 intercepts which averaged 427 g/t germanium in sphalerite.  When combined with the previously received results from five intercepts the average germanium content is 521 g/t.

Germanium results from the GZ Zone included 613 g/t, 426 g/t, 1,037 g/t, 104 g/t, 269 g/t, 130 g/t, 335 g/t, 220 g/t and 709 g/t.

Germanium continues to be a metal of prime importance for the west.  China, which currently supplies 83% of the world’s germanium, is now restricting exports to the United States and western markets.  Germanium is a valuable metal, currently selling for US$1.32/gram.

There are few western sources of germanium, the most significant being ore from Teck’s Red Dog Mine in Alaska which is processed at the Trail smelter in British Columbia.  It is apparent that western nations will need to find additional sources of germanium.

Cantex’s directors are pleased that the Massive Sulphide project contains very high germanium values along the 2,350 metres of strike length tested to date.  The average germanium content of sphalerite from the Main Zone is 654 g/t while the average germanium content of the GZ Zone is 521 g/t.  The project shows potential to be a much-needed western source of the Critical Metal germanium.

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