Doubleview Gold drills 0.78% CuEq over 561.2 metres at Hat project, British Columbia

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Doubleview Gold Corp. [DBG-TSXV; DBLVF-OTCQB; A1W038-GER] reported assay results of Hat project drill holes H038 to H043. The Hat project is a large alkalic copper-gold porphyry-type deposit located in northwestern British Columbia that since 2011 has been explored by Doubleview utilizing technical surveys and diamond drilling operations.

Hat property surveys and drilling have largely been focused on the Lisle copper-gold-cobalt-scandium mineral zone. Principal minerals are chalcopyrite, pyrite and magnetite hosted in volcaniclastic and gabbroic formations. The Lisle zone has indicated dimensions of approximately 2.7 km by 1.7 km and is still being delimited laterally and at depth.

Drill holes H038, H039 and H040 explored north extensions of the Lisle zone. Hole H041 explored the far east extension of the Lisle zone. Holes H042 and H043 explored west extensions. Assays are summarized as follows:

North side of the Lisle zone: Drill hole H038 intercepted 440.3 metres with 0.82% copper equivalent (CuEq) from surface, including 186 metres with 0.89% CuEq.

Drill hole H039 intercepted 549.2 metres with 0.76% CuEq from near surface, including 146.7 metres with 0.87% CuEq.

Drill hole H040 intercepted 561.2 metres with 0.78 per cent CuEq from near surface, including 277.3 metres with 0.79% CuEq.

East side of the Lisle zone: Drill hole H041 intercepted 485 metres with 0.81% CuEq from 66 metres depth, including 125 metres with 0.96% CuEq.

West side of the Lisle zone: Drill hole H042 intercepted 179 metres with 0.76% CuEq from surface, including 49 metres with 0.92% CuEq.

Drill hole H043 intercepted 280.2 metres with 0.79% CuEq from near surface, including 149 metres with 0.98% CuEq.

Drill hole intercepts are presented as drilled. The company does not have sufficient information to provide true deposit dimensions.

Farshad Shirvani, Doubleview’s president and CEO, commented: “Certain metals, including copper, cobalt, silver, PGMs and scandium, have been identified as strategically important in the development of non-fossil fuel technology related to mitigation of climate change. Doubleview’s polymetallic Hat property may become a significant source of strategically important metals. Assay results have shown many long intervals of elevated values of copper, cobalt, scandium and other critical metals, potentially making it a unique and valuable domestic resource to supply scarce metals required by advanced technologies. The company currently is conducting metallurgical research into several innovative cost-effective and environmentally friendly low-temperature extraction processes that we believe will make Doubleview’s Hat project an important source of critical metals that are vital to the growth and evolution of Canada’s climate-related initiatives.”

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