Doubleview Gold drills 6.94% copper, 8.29 g/t gold over 4 metres at Hat project, British Columbia

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Doubleview Gold Corp. [TSXV-DBG; OTC-DBLVF; Germany-A1W038] reported analyses from the final five Hat property, northern British Columbia, drill holes of the 2023 drill campaign. Drill holes H067 and H068 in the South Lisle Zone returned very significant intervals of copper and gold values that add important length and grade dimensions to the porphyry deposit. Drill holes H069 and H070, in the main Lisle zone, were strategically placed to verify and expand our exploration model and have increased the mineralization and shown near-surface continuation. The enhanced volume of mineralization will be reflected in the estimates included in the Maiden Resource Estimate (MRE) currently being prepared.

The Hat Porphyry project is located in the prolific Golden Triangle of the Stikine mining district of northwestern BC and is in a territory that hosts several large base and precious metal deposits. In addition to copper and gold, the Hat Deposit contains several critical metals, including cobalt and scandium.

Farshad Shirvani, President and CEO, commented, “The 2023 program of drilling comprised almost 11,000 metres of drilling that explored and extended the Lisle deposit to west, south and southwest, enabled new interpretation of the deposit orientation and model, and revealed a new gold-silver-cobalt-rich area. Several previously unconnected mineral zones were joined, and over-all dimensions were increased. A 4 meter section of hole H067 returned a remarkable 6.94% copper and 8.29 g/t gold (11.27% Cu Eq[-Sc] “Cu Eq calculated excluding Sc content”). Data for the Maiden Resource Estimate (MRE) were compiled and forwarded to an outside, arm’s length, consultant. When completed the MRE will be published and mark a very material progression in our development of the Hat deposit.”

Drill holes H067 and H068 returned strong Copper and Gold mineralization consistent with that reported from hole H034 and confirmed the apparent trend of mineralization to deeper and higher concentrations in the Lisle South area.

Drill hole H067: Hole H067 intersected significant gold and copper mineralization over its entire length from 9 meters depth: 537.8 metres of 0.24 g/t Au plus 0.17% Cu (0.34% Cu Eq[-Sc]), including: 210.4 metres of 0.47 g/t Au plus 0.47% Cu (0.64% Cu Eq[-Sc]), including 113.3 metres of 0.75 g/t Au plus 0.52% Cu (1.01% Cu Eq[-Sc]), including 48.0 metres of 1.60 g/t Au plus 1.03% Cu (2.01% Cu Eq[-Sc]), including: 25.0 metres of 3.03g/t Au plus 1.95% Cu (3.77% Cu Eq[-Sc]).

Drill hole H068 intersected mineralization from near surface to total 618 metres, including stronger values at depth; 103.0 metres of 0.20 g/t Au plus 0.38% Cu (0.48% Cu Eq[-Sc]), including: 67.0 metres of 0.27 g/t Au plus 0.49% Cu (0.63% Cu Eq[-Sc]).

Main Lisle Zone: Drill holes H069 and H070 explored near-surface mineralization and filled a gap between the hole H022-H023 area and hole H034, an area of strong values. Drill hole H071 significantly extended H034 mineralization.

Drill hole H069 intersected 411m of mineralization from near surface including several intervals of note: 253 meters 0.14 g/t Au plus 0.21% Cu (0.30% Cu Eq[-Sc]), including 135 metres of 0.18 g/t Au plus 0.30% Cu (0.40% Cu Eq[-Sc]); 115 meters of 0.20 g/t Au plus 0.33% Cu (0.43% Cu Eq[-Sc]); and 52.4 metres of 0.18 g/t Au plus 0.44% Cu (0.50% Cu Eq[-Sc]).

Drill hole H070 intersected long intervals of mineralization with uniformly elevated gold values and sections of strong cobalt: 158.5 meters 0.26g/t Au plus 0.17% Cu (0.35% Cu Eq[-Sc]), including 133.4 metres of 0.31 g/t Au plus 0.20% Cu (0.40% Cu Eq[-Sc]); 96.0 metres of 0.40 g/t Au plus 0.25% Cu (0.50% Cu Eq[-Sc]).

Drill hole H071 intersected long intervals of moderate copper, gold and silver values and 1m with very high silver, gold, cobalt and copper; 207.9 metres 0.17 g/t Au plus 0.17% Cu (0.29% Cu Eq[-Sc]), including 24.9 metres of 0.45 g/t Au plus 0.13% Cu (0.43% Cu Eq[-Sc]); 82.0 metres of 0.18 g/t Au plus 0.29% Cu (0.39% Cu Eq[-Sc]); 1.0 metres of 2.31 g/t Au plus 2.01% Cu (3.44% Cu Eq[-Sc]).

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