F3 Uranium drills high-grade uranium at Patterson Lake North, Saskatchewan

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F3 Uranium Corp. [FUU-TSXV; FUUFF-OTCQB] reported scintillometre results from the initial eight holes of the continuing 30-hole summer drill program at the JR zone on the 100%-owned Patterson Lake North (PLN) property, Athabasca basin, northern Saskatchewan, including four high-grade intercepts.

Drill hole PLN23-068 tested for mineralization 22 metres up dip of the high-grade intercept reported in PLN23-060 on line 060S and intersected mineralization over a 19-metre interval, including 6 metres off-scale radioactivity (greater than 65,535 cps) between 234 metres and 245 metres, five metres of which are continuous. The JR zone was extended grid south to line 135S, a 50% increase in the JR zone strike length to 156 metres, after stepping out 30 metres from line 105S, where PLN23-66 hit 16.5 metres of composite mineralization between 219 metres and 260.5 metres.

Sam Hartmann, vice-president of exploration, commented: “We are pleased with the rapid progression of this summer drill program and the results generated far. In particular, PLN23-068 returned exceedingly strong results on line 60S, with mineralization starting only approximately 17 metres vertically below the Athabasca Unconformity, which remains a target for this drill program. So far we are sticking to the script and growing the mineralized footprint along strike and up-dip towards the unconformity as planned. PLN23-067 stepped out to line 135S, and although the radioactivity is less intense, there is mineralization over a 16.5 metre interval, which sets us up for further step outs towards the south. A second sonic drill in addition to a second diamond drill later this month will see the inclusion of some exploration drilling along the A1 main shear, as well as contribute to JR zone expansion drilling.”

Highlights: PLN23-068 (line 060S) returned 19 metres mineralization from 228 metres to 247 metres, including 8.09 metres composite mineralization of greater than 10,000 cps radioactivity between 233.60 mettres to 245 metres, including 6 metres off-scale radioactivity(greater than 65,535 cps) between 234 metres and 245 metres, of which 5 metres is continuous.

Main intercepts – PLN23-063 (line 030S) returned 13.5 metres mineralization from 233 metres to 246.5 metres, including 0.70 metres continuous mineralization of greater than 10,000 cps radioactivity between 237.30 metres to 238 metres; 0.43 metres continuous mineralization of greater than 10,000 cps radioactivity between 243.73 metres to 244.16 metres.

PLN23-064 (line 105S) returned 17.5 metres mineralization from 233 metres to 250.5 metres, including 0.40 metres composite mineralization of greater than 10,000 cps radioactivity between 237.88 metres to 241.5 metres with a peak of 35,500 cps over 0.12 metres from 237.88 metres to 238 metres.

PLN23-065 (line 0755S) returned 3.5 metres mineralization from 242 metres to 245.5 metres.

PLN23-066 (line 105S) returned 16.5 metres composite mineralization from 219 metres to 260.5 metres, including 0.21 medtres of mineralization of greater than 10,000 cps radioactivity between 248.79 metres to 249 metres with a peak of 11,700 cps.

PLN23-067 (line 135S) 16.5 metres mineralization from 222 metres to 238.5 metres. PLN23-069 (line 135S) returned 1.5 metres mineralization from 228.5 metres to 230 metres. PLN23-070 (line 135S) returned 6 metres composite mineralization from 232 metres to 244.5 metres.

Natural gamma radiation in the drill core that is reported in this news release was measured in counts per second (cps) using a handheld Radiation Solutions RS-125 scintillometre. The Company considers greater than 300 cps on the handheld spectrometre as anomalous, greater than 10,000 cps as high grade and greater than 65,535 cps as off-scale.

F3 Uranium is a uranium project generator and exploration company, focusing on projects in the Athabasca Basin, home to some of the world’s largest high grade uranium discovery. F3 Uranium currently has 16 projects in the Athabasca Basin. Several of F3’s projects are near large uranium discoveries including Triple R, Arrow and Hurricane.

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