Intrepid Metals drills 6.22% copper and 8.83 g/t gold (10.71% CuEq) at Corral Copper, Arizona

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Intrepid Metals Corp. [TSXV-INTR; OTCQB-IMTCF] announced additional results from its initial drill program on the company’s Corral Copper Property in Cochise County, Arizona. A total of 25 holes were completed at the Ringo, Earp and Holiday zones which define a 3-kilometer-long trend of near surface, locally high-grade copper-gold-silver-zinc mineralization.

Highlights: 91.40 metres of 0.71% copper, 0.43 g/t gold and 5.99 g/t silver (0.93% copper equivalent (CuEq)) in Hole CC24_022; including 20.95 metres of 1.37% Cu, 1.39 g/t Au and 5.11 g/t Ag (2.11% CuEq); 1.55 metres of 6.22% Cu, 8.83 g/t Au and 11.80 g/t Ag (10.71% CuEq) and 1.15 metres of 6.08% Cu, 2.16 g/t Au and 16.90 g/t Ag (6.77% CuEq).

Hole CC24_019 returned 174.85m of 0.32% Cu, 0.27 g/t Au and 1.82 g/t Ag (0.45% CuEq), including 91.35m of 0.41% Cu, 0.36 g/t Au and 2.27 g/t Ag (0.58% CuEq); 2.25 metres of 1.76% Cu, 0.47 g/t Au and 12.46 g/t Ag (1.86% CuEq) and 6.00 metres of 1.39% Cu, 0.66 g/t Au and 2.27. g/t Ag (1.58% CuEq).

Hole CC24_018 returned 88.25 metres of 0.46% Cu, 0.31 g/t Au and 3.16 g/t Ag (0.60% CuEq), including 28.30 metres of 0.73% Cu, 0.48 g/t Au and 5.03 g/t Ag (0.94% CuEq) and 7.55 metres of 1.14% Cu, 0.81 g/t Au and 6.29 g/t Ag (1.48% CuEq).

“These shallow and impressive initial results from our inaugural drill program within the private lands at Corral continue to reinforce our confidence in the Property’s potential,” stated Ken Brophy, CEO. “Our technical team are integrating all our current data with our understanding of the Property and beginning to consider what our planned phase two drill program should involve later this year.”

Intrepid has completed 25 diamond drill holes (~4805.7m) within the private lands at Corral Copper including 2959.55m at Ringo, 736.40m at Earp and 1109.75m at Holliday. Drill results have been returned for 22 of 25 drill holes. Results from the remaining 3 holes from the Ringo Zone are expected in the weeks ahead.

Intrepid is drill testing a 3.5 by 1.5 km copper-gold-silver-zinc mineralized footprint to demonstrate the potential to host economic CRD, skarn, and related porphyry copper mineralization.

To date, the best examples of skarn and CRD related replacement style massive sulphide mineralization occur at Ringo and are concentrated in the Abrigo Formation. Hole CC24-022 cut 6 separate massive sulphide lenses that range in thickness (measured down hole) from 1.00m to 12.35m and contain up to 4.62% Cu (ranging from 0.08%-4.62% Cu) and 5.01 g/t Au (ranging from 0.17 to 5.01 g/t Au.

The Holiday, Earp and Ringo zones have potential to host bulk tonnage copper-gold-silver-zinc mineralization but also comparatively lower tonnage, high grade copper-gold-silver-zinc mineralization in stacked lenses of high-grade massive sulphide replacement style mineralization at Ringo (hole CC24-022).

The Corral Copper Property includes the Holliday, Earp and Ringo zones (northwest to southeast), which are related zones of discontinuously outcropping, locally high grade CRD and skarn related mineralization and associated supergene enrichment mineralization that are interpreted to have formed in the distal porphyry copper geological environment.

As part of the initial 2024 drill program, Intrepid has executed 2959.55 metres of diamond drilling at Ringo, where near-surface copper-gold-sliver-zinc skarn and replacement style mineralization is spatially associated with magnetite and hematite. The Ringo Zone is located at the southern end of a 3km long string of copper-gold-silver-zinc bearing carbonate replacement bodies. The Ringo Zone measures approximately 900m (northwest to southeast) by 800m (southwest to northeast) and contains favorable Abrigo Limestone (and Bolsa Formation), pre-mineral intrusions, alteration and copper-gold-silver-zinc replacement style mineralization and secondary enriched copper oxide zones that are locally high-grade.

Earp Zone drill results included Hole CC24_020 that returned 53.70 metres of 0.46% copper, 0.24 g/t gold, 2.86 g/t silver and 0.24% zinc for a 0.74% CuEq. CC24_021 returned 71.60 metres of 0.31% copper, 0.10 g/t gold, 2.58 g/t silver and 0.29% zinc for 0.49% CuEq.

Intrepid has executed 736.4m of diamond drilling at Earp where near-surface copper-gold-sliver-zinc skarn and replacement style oxide and sulphide mineralization is associated with magnetite and hematite. The Earp Zone is situated in the center of a 3km long trend of copper-gold-silver-zinc bearing skarn and replacement bodies. The Earp Zone has been traced for approximately 1000m (northwest to southeast) and contains favorable Abrigo Limestone (and Bolsa Formation).

The Corral Copper Property is comprised of the Excelsior Property, the CCCI Properties, the Sara Claim Group and the MAN Property. The company has completed the acquisition of the Excelsior Property and Sara Claim Group through purchase and sale agreements. The can acquire the corporate group that holds the CCCI Properties through an option. The company can acquire the MAN Property through an option.

Intrepid Metals has acquired or has agreements to acquire several drill ready projects, including the Corral Copper Project (a district scale advanced exploration and development opportunity with significant shallow historical drill results), the Tombstone South Project (within the historical Tombstone mining district with geological similarities to the Taylor Deposit, which was purchased for $1.3B in 2018, though mineralization at the Taylor Deposit is not necessarily indicative of the mineral potential at the Tombstone South Project) both of which are located in Cochise County, Arizona and the Mesa Well Project in the Laramide Copper Porphyry Belt, Arizona.

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