Metalex samples ilmenite with up to 57.8 ppm scandium in Quebec

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Metalex Ventures Ltd. [MTX-TSXV; MXTLF-OTC] reported exceptionally anomalous amounts of ilmenite as well as highly anomalous scandium analyses of ilmenite-rich concentrates for 22 of the 24 heavy mineral samples tested and collected on its 100%-owned gold-scandium claims located 100 km southeast of Chibougamau, Quebec.

These results are consistent with the claims being underlain by an extensive massive ilmenite horizon highly anomalous in scandium. Rio Tinto are presently mining an extensive massive ilmenite horizon near Allard Lake, Quebec. The ilmenite ore is railed 42km and then shipped about 900km along the St. Lawrence River to their Fer et Titane metallurgical complex near Montreal where titanium oxide, iron, steel and metal powders are recovered from the ilmenite ore. A plant to recover scandium from the ilmenite tailings is presently being constructed that is expected to produce 20% of the global scandium supply. Scandium is used primarily in the aerospace, automotive, military and 3D printing industries.

The Metalex claims are located adjacent to Highway 167, 520 km by road from the Rio Tinto metallurgical complex.

Metalex reported numerous assays that contain the number of ilmenites (normalized to a 10kg sample size) along with the scandium content of the concentrate as determined by neutron activation analysis at Activation Laboratories. Some scandium assays included 41.3 ppm, 53.1 ppm, 56.4 ppm, 57.8 ppm, 49.8 ppm, 42.3 ppm and other encouraging values. Refer to company press release for complete assays.

Metalex directors are optimistic that an extensive ilmenite-rich body high in scandium will be discovered within the claims. A combined magnetic-electromagnetic survey is expected to commence over the claims within the next month which should provide drill targets.

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