Mining Association of Canada comments on federal election

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The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) congratulates Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau on his election victory and looks forward to working with the government to maintain and grow responsible mining development in Canada. With a minority government the mining industry looks forward to working together with all parties to ensure one of Canada’s most important resource sectors is supported.

“Our industry is responsible for over 620,000 jobs across Canada, contributes $97 billion to the country’s GDP and is a global leader in sustainable mining practices,” said Pierre Gratton, President and CEO of MAC. “It will be important to ensure our sector is a key aspect of federal government policy as providing a competitive investment climate is critical to the success of our industry and the contribution we make to the overall strength of the Canadian economy.”

The Liberal platform specifically included commitments on resource sector electrification and zero-emission vehicles, Indigenous reconciliation, and infrastructure investments, particularly in Canada’s North where tremendous opportunities for the mining sector exist. Similarly, the other party platforms also included commitments related to infrastructure, innovation, investing in the North and sustainability, presenting opportunities for collaboration.

“While Canada has long benefited from a prosperous minerals and metals industry, the country is not immune to global competitive forces and cannot take the benefits and opportunities that exploration and mining present to Canadians for granted,” continued Gratton. “With the strong building blocks Canada already has in place, and with mineral exploration and mining playing a critical role in the low-carbon future, the need to support one of the country’s most vital sectors is more important now than ever before.”

MAC and its members look forward to meeting with newly elected members from all parties to discuss the importance of the sector and ensure it is well positioned for future success.

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