Nano One Provides Update on the Piloting of Nickel Rich Cathode Materials

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Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One Materials, today announced that Nano One has successfully piloted nickel rich cathode materials for high density energy storage applications such as next generation lithium ion batteries for electric vehicles.

These pilot tests were conducted at approximately 100 times normal lab scale,” explained Mr. Blondal, “and the results provide added confidence that these nickel rich materials can be manufactured at commercial scale. Electrochemical testing of battery cells made with these pilot materials is showing initial capacity measurements in excess of that achieved in the laboratory.”

“We’ve shown now that our process, when scaled, can make nickel rich cathode materials using lithium carbonate in place of more costly lithium hydroxide. We are currently preparing preliminary engineering packages for commercial scale production facilities and quantities of high energy cathode materials for third party evaluation. With these results, our pilot program is achieving development milestones ahead of schedule.

Additionally, we have material test agreements in place with potential partners and cathode evaluations will be proceeding with various industrial interests in Europe, the Americas and Asia.

Increased energy density at a lower cost are key drivers for electric vehicle batteries and to achieve this the automotive sector is trending towards higher ratios of nickel and lower ratios of cobalt in cathode materials.

In summary, Nano One has now successfully piloted NCM111 and NCM622 with nickel content at 33% and 60%, respectively. NCM refers to ratios of nickel, cobalt and manganese. Nano One is also developing other important cathode materials at the laboratory scale in preparation for piloting that include NCM811, NCA (nickel rich cobalt aluminate), LMNO (high voltage cobalt free spinel), LFP (lithium iron phosphate), LMO (lithium manganese oxide), and NCM325 (lithium manganese rich).

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