Power Metals intersects 20.25% Cs2O over one metre at Case Lake, Ontario

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Power Metals Corp. [PWM-TSXV; PWRMF-OTCQB; OAA1-FSE] reported intersecting lithium (Li), cesium (Cs) and tantalum (Ta) mineralization in drill holes, with 20.25% Cs2O (cesium oxide), 1.29% Li2O (lithium oxide) and 147 parts per million (ppm) Ta over one metre in drill hole PWM-22-150, in the West Joe dike, Case Lake property, Cochrane, northern Ontario. High-grade Li-Ta mineralization was also intersected: 3.10% Li2O, 0.09% Cs2O and 841 ppm Ta over 2 metres in drill hole PWM-22-149.

The West Joe dike is a three-commodity pegmatite with lithium, cesium and tantalum mineralization. The Ta mineralization occurs in the aplite border zone, the spodumene zone and the pollucite zone. The Li mineralization occurs in the spodumene zone and the pollucite zone. The Cs mineralization occurs in the pollucite zone as a pod in the centre of the West Joe dike.

Lithium assay highlights on West Joe dike include 3.1%  Li2O, 0.09% Cs2O and 841 ppm Ta, 25 metres to 27 metres, 2-metre interval, PWM-22-149; 2.88% Li2O, 1.31% Cs2O and 682 ppm Ta, 20 metres to 22 metres, 2-metre interval, PWM-22-149; 2.64% Li2O, 0.08% Cs2O and 730.6 ppm Ta, 24.59 metres to 27.32 metres, 2.73-metre interval, PWM-22-149; and 2.56% Li2O, 0.08% Cs2O and 348 ppm Ta, 26.72 metres to 27 metres, 0.28-metres interval, PWM-22-156.

Cesium assay highlights on the West Joe dike include 20.25% Cs2O, 1.29% Li2O and 147 ppm Ta, 31 metres to 32 metres, one-metre interval, PWM-22-150; 7.93% Cs2O, 0.52% Li2O and 129 ppm Ta, 22 metres to 22.67 metres, 0.67-metre interval, PWM-22-149; 6.14% Cs2O, 0.6% Li2O and 150 ppm Ta, 18 metres to 18.7 metres, 0.7-metres interval, PWM-22-148; 5.78% Cs2O, 1.86% Li2O and 522 ppm Ta, 32 metres to 33 metres, one-metre interval, PWM-22-156; 5.72% Cs2O, 1.94% Li2O and 862 ppm Ta, 27.76 metres to 32 metres, 4.24-metre interval, PWM-22-150.

Tantalum assay highlights on the West Joe dike include 1,613 ppm Ta, 1.53% Li2O and 3.69% Cs2O, 29 metres to 30 metres, one-metre interval, PWM-22-156; 1,422 ppm Ta, 0.72% Li2O and 0.03% Cs2O, 34.53 metres to 35 metres, 0.47-metres interval, PWM-22-152; and 1,156 ppm Ta, 2.3% Li2O and 1.33% Cs2O, 28 metres to 31 metres, t3-metres interval, PWM-22-150.

Dr. Julie Selway has noted high-grade Li-Cs-Ta mineralization as a result of additional drilling on the West Joe dike at Case Lake as a follow-up on Power Metals press releases dated August 19 and Oct. 13, 2022. Power Metals has now intersected the pollucite zone at West Joe in 16 drill holes showing its continuity, consistency and predictability. West Joe dike’s easy access, shallow depth and three commodities makes it ideal for future extraction. West Joe is proving to be just as valuable as the Main dike at Case Lake.

Power Metals 2022 summer drill program is for 5,000 metres and over 2,700 metres has been completed to date. The purpose of each drill hole was to infill on known mineralization to aid in a future resource estimate and to explore to expand known mineralization.

The Case Lake property is located 80 km east of Cochrane, close to the Ontario-Quebec border. Case Lake property consists of 585 cell claims in Steele, Case, Scapa, Pliny, Abbotsford and Challies townships, Larder Lake mining division. The property is 10 km by 9.5 km in size, with 14 identified tonalite domes. The Case Lake pegmatite swarm consists of six spodumene dikes: North, Main, South, East and Northeast dikes on the Henry dome and the West Joe dike on a new tonalite dome. The Case Lake property is owned 100% by Power Metals.

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