Prospect Ridge Resources samples up to 15.90 g/t gold at Knauss Creek, British Columbia

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Prospect Ridge Resources Corp. [CSE-PRR; OTC-PRRSF; FSE-OED] reported new results of outcrop samples taken on the Copper Ridge mineralized zone which returned high-grade values in gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc, located at the company’s 100%-owned flagship Knauss Creek property, about 35 km northeast of Terrace, British Columbia.

Following up on high-grade results previously reported on the Copper Ridge showing additional sampling continues to return high-grade values of gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc from the Copper Ridge mineralized zone. The recent results continue to extend the area of mineralization and now stretches over an east-west length of 1,250 metres and a north-south length of 500 metres. The elevation differentiation is approximately 250 metres. In plan view, the zone is over twice as large as previously announced. Further work will be completed to better define the metal zonation across this high-grade mineralized zone.

Key highlights from rock outcrop sampling: 15.90 g/t Au, 987 g/t Ag, 0.29% Cu, 17.55% Pb and 6.99% Zn (W489424); 0.55 g/t Au, 2,900 g/t Ag, 2.24% Cu, 4.24% Pb and 0.24% Zn (W500261); 1.95 g/t Au, 1,870 g/t Ag and 5.93% Cu (W489429); 1.97 g/t Au, 1,775 g/t Ag and 3.20% Cu (W500259); 1.67 g/t Au, 201 g/t Ag and 9.71% Cu (W500257); and 0.73 g/t Au, 1,105 g/t Ag, 1.67% Cu, 0.65% Pb and 0.28% Zn (D791529).

Prospect Ridge CEO Michael Iverson commented, “The new results indicate a significant expansion of the mineralized zone towards the south-east, while also unveiling a promising new trend towards the west. Almost all samples are from outcrops extruding between block fields and ridge crests, which are predominantly gold, silver, and copper-bearing. Copper Ridge is shaping up to be a potentially substantial polymetallic system. The diversity in the elevation of these samples not only confirms the presence of these minerals at the surface but also suggests their extension at depth. These results provide a new dimension to our understanding, offering both surface and depth perspectives in our exploration efforts.”

Prospect Ridge President Yan Ducharme added, “We are very pleased with the summer surface exploration program of prospecting and sampling that has continued to return high grade values for not only gold and silver, but also for copper, lead and zinc as well, thereby showing the high-grade potential of this polymetallic system. When we started prospecting this area during the summer, we immediately realized this was going to be the main target we will work on and after each day spent there, we were all anxious to go back. With the extent of the zone and the distribution of the samples, we are beginning to see a high-grade silver trend on the east side, which encloses most of the samples having more than a thousand grams per ton. Given that these samples were collected from rock outcrops, this provides confidence for our future surface prospecting and drilling. We are excited to return to this area to complete further exploration to improve our understanding of the mineralization. A review of the collected structural and geological data during the summer is currently ongoing and will help establish next year’s drilling program.”

Located in the southern part of the Knauss Creek property, the Copper Ridge mineralized zone is now becoming a combination of several trends highlighted by the outcropping ridges extruding through fields of blocks and glacial till.

All samples were taken on outcrops unless specified otherwise.

Knauss Creek is easily accessible by highway 16 and a network of logging roads. It covers about 30 km2 and is contiguous to the company’s 100%-owned Holy Grail property.

Several gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc occurrences were discovered in the past. The most notable is the Dorreen mine where four adits were developed and, according to historical documents, approximately 700 tons of ore were mined out at an average grade of at 16.8 g/t Au, 58 g/t Ag, 0.22% Cu, 2.1% Pb and 1.4% Zn from a quartz vein (not 43-101 compliant).

During the 2023 field season, the company explored the Copper Ridge mineralized zone which has become the main focus for exploration on the property.

The southern tip of the Golden Triangle is located immediately northwest of the PRR properties. The Bowser Lake and the Hazelton Groups hosting most of the deposits and mines of this area are also underlying the Knauss Creek and Holy Grail.

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