Saint Jean Carbon Provides Progress Updates on the Solid Ultrabattery Plant, Mineral Processing and Carbon Sciences Research

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Saint Jean Carbon Inc. [TSXV-SJL] today announced the completion of the prototype battery assembly line equipment and subsequent CSA certification by an overseas vendor. The equipment is currently in transit to the Guelph, Ontario, Canada location and is scheduled to arrive by mid September. The construction of the battery laboratory at the Guelph plant continues to progress rapidly with the concrete floors and fire resistant walls now completed in anticipation of the arrival of the prototype battery assembly line. An application for a permit has been submitted to the City of Guelph for approval.

Saint Jean has continued to successfully optimize the computer modelling of its proprietary air classification system which separates graphite ore by means of aerodynamics. The new simulations predict that high purity graphite can be separated in the first pass through the air classifier which reduces the number of successive passes required for achieving purification. To validate this product, Saint Jean is currently building a working prototype of this new air classifier design for further prove out. The test feedstock will be supplied from a high grade ore sample recently extracted from the Montpellier region of Quebec. Preparations are now underway to condition the ore as sample feedstock to the air classifier.

The Company, in conjunction with the University of Western Ontario, has successfully demonstrated, in a laboratory environment, a graphene-based DNA sensor, through integrating single strand DNA conjugated graphene quantum dots. Efforts are now underway to build and demonstrate a graphene-based DNA sensor that will be tested at Saint Jean facilities.

V-Bond Lee, Chief Commercialization Officer of Saint Jean states: “I am very pleased with the way things are progressing with all our projects. We are building a core team of technical experts that are highly focused on achieving results. I remain very excited about our future technology roadmap and am confident that we can challenge industry norms in energy storage, critical battery mineral processing and carbon based sensing products”.

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