Tearlach Resources samples up to 0.62% lithium (LiO) at Georgina, Ontario

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Tearlach Resources Ltd. [TSXV-TEA; OTC-TELHF; FSE-V44] reported assays confirming the presence of key lithium (Li) indicator minerals (Li-rich muscovite, beryl and niobium-tantalum-oxide minerals) at Parks Lake on the Georgina properties, Jellicoe, Northern Ontario. The project is located 9 km east of Rock Tech Lithium’s Georgia Lake property and is being explored for lithium mineralization hosted in spodumene pegmatites.

Assay Highlights: 0.62 % LiO, 5030 ppm Rb, 1880 ppm Cs and 122 ppm Ta in green muscovite pod sample 889653, Oxide Island; 10.43 % BeO, 904 ppm Cs and 0.22 % Li O in pure pale green beryl sample 889539, Beryl Island; 3.31 % Ta , 12.50 % Nb in pure black Nb-Ta-oxide mineral sample 889654, Oxide Island. These are up to 5 cm in diameter and are among the largest Nb-Ta-oxide mineral crystals in Ontario.

The presence of Li-rich muscovite, beryl and Nb-Ta oxide minerals in rare-element pegmatites indicates that there is a strong potential for the pegmatites to contain spodumene. The 2.6 km strike length of rare-element mineralization is the focus of Tearlach’s on-going field exploration program.

Tearlach has identified a rare-element pegmatite zone. This zone is where all of the rare-element minerals and elements are concentrated on the property, i.e., beryl, Nb-Ta oxides, Li, Rb, Cs, Nb, Ta, and Be, which all increase with proximity to the spodumene. Tearlach’s next steps to find spodumene are to focus the prospecting on the rare-element pegmatite zone to look for the spodumene. The Georgina Properties are 12 km x 26 km in size, and identification of the rare-element pegmatite zone has narrowed down the search considerably.

Dr. Selway, Tearlach’s VP Exploration, commented, “I am excited about the discovery of beryl and Nb-Ta on the islands on Parks Lake. The anomalous rare elements suggest that lithium mineralization is nearby. I can’t wait to see more results from the field crew.”

Tearlach, a member of the TSX Venture 50, is engaged in acquiring, exploring, and developing lithium projects. Tearlach is focused on advancing its flagship Gabriel Project in Tonopah, Nevada, bordering American Lithium’s TLC Deposit, and has completed 11 drill holes on the Gabriel Property.

Tearlach has three lithium assets in Ontario: Final Frontier, Georgina Stairs, and New Frontier. Final Frontier is located adjacent to and near Frontier Lithium’s PAK lithium deposit north of Red Lake. Georgina Stairs is located northeast of Rock Tech Lithium’s Georgia Lake deposit near Beardmore.

Tearlach has two lithium assets in Quebec: Rose-Fliszar-Muscovite Project in the James Bay area and Shelby Project adjacent to and near Patriot Battery Metals’ Corvette lithium project and Winsome Resources’ Cancet and Adina lithium projects. Tearlach also has the Savant Property, an exploration stage Gold-Silver-Copper Property, in Northwestern Ontario.

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