Tudor Gold drills 1.19 g/t AuEq over 516 metres at Treaty Creek, British Columbia

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Tudor Gold Corp. [TUD-TSXV; H56-FSE] reported the second set of drill results for the 2023 exploration program at its flagship property, Treaty Creek, located in the heart of the Golden Triangle 70 km north of Stewart, northwestern British Columbia.

Since the beginning of this year’s program, the company has successfully completed over 21,000 metres of drilling, within areas encompassing the Goldstorm deposit and the Perfectstorm zone. The five drill holes reported in this release are located in the northeastern area of the Goldstorm deposit.

Ken Konkin, President and CEO, commented: “We are very pleased to confirm the continued expansion of the Goldstorm Deposit to the northeast. Results from our northeastern-most step-out drilling from section 120+50 NE will certainly expand the volume of the deposit with AuEQ (gold equivalent) values well above the 0.7 g/t AuEQ underground resource estimate cut-off grade used for our deposit.

“In addition, very large blocks within the previously estimated drill inferred category have been successfully intersected with very positive gold, copper and silver grades, which we believe will convert these blocks of mineralization into the drill Indicated category. Our goal is to increase the size of the resource without diminishing the grade. This will be a critical component to the Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) that we plan to complete once we have totally defined the Goldstorm Deposit. We have completed five additional drill holes on the Goldstorm Deposit and three drill holes at the Perfectstorm target, which are currently in the lab. Results will be announced once they are received and compiled.

“Crews have begun construction of drill pads required to pursue the northern aspects of the CS-600, 300H and DS5 domains for the 2024 drill program; these are beyond the scope and the time available to drill within our planned 2023 program. Defining the shape and extent of each domain is necessary prior to determining a mine plan, which is essential for the PEA level and beyond.”

SECTION 117+50NE: Drill hole GS-23-166-W1 returned targeted the northern aspects of the CS-600 and DS5 Domains of the Goldstorm Deposit. The hole first intersected the northern aspect of the CS-600 Domain in an area that was classified as Inferred in the April 2023 Mineral Resource Estimate (MRE). The hole then successfully intersected DS5 Domain mineralization at approximately 115 metres outside and to the northwest of the previous DS5 Domain boundary.

Highlights include 153 metres grading 1.29 g/t AuEQ (0.75 g/t Au, 14.02 g/t Ag, 0.33% Cu) with a 1.8-metre intercept of 5.18 g/t AuEQ (1.37 g/t Au, 374.0 g/t Ag, 0.09% Cu). Several mineralized zones were encountered throughout the DS5 Domain, including 45.0 metres grading 1.09 g/t AuEQ (1.02 g/t Au, 5.14 g/t Ag, 0.02% Cu).

GS-23-168-W1 targeted the deep, northwest portion of the CS-600 Domain. The hole intersected an area classified as Inferred in the previous MRE. Prior to entering the CS-600, a mineralized section of 75.0 metres of 1.34 g/t AuEQ (1.27 g/t Au, 5.89 g/t Ag, 0.01% Cu) was cut, and this is interpreted to be the 300H Domain. A long intercept of CS-600 included 296.0 metres of 1.11 g/t AuEQ (0.65 g/t Au, 5.03 g/t Ag, 0.35% Cu) with an enriched intercept of 102.0 metres grading 1.30 g/t AuEQ (0.64 g/t Au, 7.39 g/t Ag, 0.50% Cu).

GS-23-166 was not sampled and shutdown early due to excessive drill hole deviation. The hole was wedged and drilled as GS-23-166-W1.

SECTION 120+50NE: GS-23-169 was drilled outside of the resource area, and at a distance of 160 metres northeast of the previous boundary, CS-600 was encountered, with a 190.5-metre interval of 0.79 g/t AuEQ (0.38 g/t Au, 5.58 g/t Ag, 0.30% Cu) and an enriched section of 66.0 metres grading 1.44 g/t AuEQ (0.79 g/t Au, 8.45 g/t Ag, 0.47% Cu). At depth, the DS5 Domain was intersected at a step-out distance of 300 metes to the north from the previously defined resource area. An intercept of 133.5 metres grading 0.97 g/t AuEQ (0.89 g/t Au, 5.55 g/t Ag, 0.02% Cu) was reported.

GS-23-170 was designed to expand the northern extent of the CS-600 Domain. An intercept of 516.0 metres grading 1.19 g/t AuEQ (0.89 g/t Au, 2.86 g/t Ag, 0.23% Cu) was encountered. This intercept represents a wider than expected interval of mineralization within the northern aspect of the CS-600 Domain. An enriched section measured 90.0 metres grading 2.07 g/t AuEQ (1.93 g/t Au, 3.55 g/t Ag, 0.09% Cu).

The Treaty Creek Project hosts the Goldstorm Deposit, comprising a large gold-copper porphyry system, as well as several other mineralized zones. As disclosed in the “NI-43-101 Technical Report for the Treaty Creek Project”, dated April 28, 2023 prepared by Garth Kirkham Geosystems and JDS Energy & Mining Inc., the Goldstorm Deposit has an Indicated Mineral Resource of 23.37 Moz of AuEq grading 1.13 g/t AuEq (18.75 Moz gold grading 0.91 g/t, 2.18 Blbs copper grading 0.15%, 112.4 Moz silver grading 5.45 g/t) and an Inferred Mineral Resource of 7.35 Moz of AuEq grading 0.98 g/t AuEq (5.54 Moz gold grading 0.74 g/t, 0.85 Blb copper grading 0.16 %, 45.08 Moz silver grading 5.99 g/t), with a pit constrained cut-off of 0.5 g/t AuEq and an underground cut-off of 0.7 g/t AuEq.

The Goldstorm Deposit has been categorized into three dominant mineral Domains and several smaller mineral Domains. The CS-600 Domain largely consists of an intermediate intrusive stock and hosts the majority of the copper mineralization within the Goldstorm Deposit. CS-600 has an Indicated Mineral Resource of 9.86 Moz AuEq grading 1.10 g/t AuEq (6.22 Moz gold grading 0.70 g/t, 1.98 Blbs copper grading 0.32 %, 51.1 Moz silver grading 5.71 g/t) and an Inferred Mineral Resource of 3.71 Moz AuEq grading 1.19 g/t AuEq (2.32 Moz gold grading 0.75 g/t, 0.76 Blb copper grading 0.36 %, 18.71 Moz silver grading 6.01 g/t). The Goldstorm Deposit remains open in all directions and requires further exploration drilling to determine the size and extent of the deposit.

The 17,913-hectare Treaty Creek project (in which Tudor Gold has a 60% interest) borders Seabridge Gold’s KSM property to the southwest and borders Newmont’s Brucejack property to the southeast. American Creek Resources [AMK-TSXV; ACKRF-OTCBB] and Teuton Resources [TUO-TSXV; TEUTF-OTC; TFE-FSE] each have a 20% interest.

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