Adventus, Salazar drill 6.17% CuEq over 6.91 metres at Curipamba, Ecuador

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Adventus Mining Corp. [ADZN-TSXV; ADVZF-OTCQX; AZC-FSE] and Salazar Resources Ltd. [SRL-TSXV; SRLZF-OTCQX; CCG-FSE] have released the first infill drilling results from the El Domo volcanogenic massive sulphide deposit located within the 21,537-hectare Curipamba project in central Ecuador.

The infill drilling program for the underground portion of the Mineral Resource at El Domo, as announced in the August 29, 2022 press release, continues with two diamond drill rigs. To date, 15 of 48 definition drill holes having been successfully completed totaling 3,388 metres from the planned 12,000 metres, and two drill holes in progress totaling a further 435 metres completed. Separately, two geotechnical and two hydrogeological related drills also continue to operate to support the detailed engineering for the El Domo open pit.

Highlights – Drill Results from the El Domo Deposit at Curipamba: CURI-394 intersected 6.91 metres of 3.00% copper, 1.55 g/t gold, 7.64% zinc, 34.0 g/t silver and 0.11% lead for 6.17% CuEq (copper equivalent), including 3.97 metres of 4.67% copper, 1.40 g/t gold, 11.87% zinc, 43.4 g/t silver, and 0.14% lead for 9.14% CuEq.

CURI-392 intersected 6.85 metres of 2.70% copper, 4.26 g/t gold, 2.54% zinc, 70.5 g/t silver, and 0.40% lead for 5.38% CuEq, including 1.88 metres of 9.02% copper, 10.10 g/t gold, 4.99% zinc, 172.5 g/t silver, and 0.36% lead for 14.51% CuEq.

CURI-393 intersected 5.42 metres of 2.18% copper, 1.12 g/t gold, 5.93% zinc, 78.8 g/t silver, and 0.03% lead for 4.62% CuEq, including 2.84 metres of 2.70% copper, 1.69 g/t gold, 10.73% zinc, 37.0 g/t silver, and 0.03% lead for 7.36% CuEq.

Regional drilling in 2021 on the Agua Santa target, located 4.5 km southwest of El Domo, successfully completed a total of 2,818 metres in 11 drill holes (CREG-008 to CREG-018) in the Agua Santa target area.

The Agua Santa target area remains one of the most prospective volcanic environments outside of El Domo for identifying new VMS occurrences, given that the first drill hole at Agua Santa, CREG-008, intersected three separate intervals of semi-massive sulphide to massive sulphide mineralization from 60.52 to 66.86 metres, grading 1.77% copper, 1.46 g/t gold, 7.45% zinc, 23.2 g/t silver and 0.24% lead.

Drill hole CREG-009 intersected two zones of disseminated to semi-massive sulphide from 28.86 to 32.00 metres, and from 69.47 to 75.20 metres with only the second interval having any results from 72.27 to 75.20 metres, grading 0.25% copper, 0.13 g/t gold, and 0.7 g/t silver.

Further down in the footwall there were three separate intervals of low-grade pyritic stockwork. The first interval is from 133.72 to 138.00 metres, grading 0.96% copper, 0.17 g/t gold and 1.0 g/t silver. The second interval is from 152.72 to 154.81 metres, grading 0.55% copper, 0.04 g/t gold and 0.3 g/t silver. The final interval is from 170.18 to 171.26 metres, grading 1.16% copper, 0.05 g/t gold, and 1.4 g/t silver. None of the low-grade stockwork occurrences had appreciable zinc or lead mineralization.

CREG-010 intersected a wide, low-grade zone of heavily disseminated to semi-massive sulphide mineralization from 41.00 to 52.04 metres. Mineralization yielding metal values occurs from 44.50 to 50.57 metres, grading 0.15% copper, 0.31 g/t gold, 0.37% zinc, and 1.7 g/t silver. A higher-grade subset in the semi-massive sulphide mineralization was intersected from 44.50 to 45.12 metres 0.88% copper, 1.32 g/t gold, 2.26% zinc, 14.8 g/t silver and 0.01% lead.

Drill hole CREG-011 intersected numerous zones of heavily disseminated to semi-massive and massive sulphide mineralization between 29.75 to 52.30 metres. The main interval of semi-massive is from 40.35 to 43.70 metres, grading 0.76% copper, 1.39 g/t gold, 4.29% zinc, 12.5 g/t silver, and 0.17% lead. There are two higher-grade subsections, the first occurring from 40.35 to 40.70 metres, grading 4.76% copper, 0.51 g/t gold, 0.91% zinc, 28.0 g/t silver and 0.03% lead, and the second occurring from 41.62 to 42.30 metres, grading 0.37% copper, 5.67 g/t gold, 19.92% zinc, 39.3 g/t silver and 0.77% lead. A final mineralized interval in this wide section of was intersected from 51.70 to 52.30 metres, grading 0.10% copper, 0.45 g/t gold, 0.66% zinc, 17.5 g/t silver and 0.12% lead.

Drill hole CREG-012 intersected a weakly mineralized, epiclastic, lapilli-tuff-sized volcanic sediment that resembles the Grainstone unit in the immediate hanging wall of El Domo. This unit was intersected from 57.76 to 59.77 metres, grading 0.08% copper, 0.74 g/t gold, 0.37% zinc, 5.6 g/t silver, and 0.02% lead. Further downhole, a narrow zone of pyritic stockwork, locally semi-massive sulphide, was intersected from 147.97 to 149.40 metres, grading 0.05% copper, 0.11 g/t gold, 0.42% zinc, 10.1 g/t silver, and 0.13% lead.

Drill holes CREG-013 to CREG-018 did not yield any significant results.

All results from the exploration drilling program at Agua Santa continue to be used in updating the target generation.

Salazar Resources has a 25% stake in Curipamba fully carried through to production.


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