Rockhaven Resources drills 4.3 gold over 8.26 metres at Klaza, Yukon

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Rockhaven Resources Ltd. [RK-TSXV; RKHNF-OTC] reported additional assay results from the 2021 exploration program at its 100%-owned and road-accessible Klaza property, located in the Dawson Range gold belt of southern Yukon.

During summer and fall of 2021, a total of 14,256 metres of drilling was completed in 72 holes. The results discussed in this press release include 23 holes testing portions of the two main mineralized structures on the property, the Klaza and BRX zones, with the objective of upgrading and expanding the Klaza property mineral resources. Results from the first 39 drill holes completed in 2021 were released on Dec. 15, 2021, and Feb. 7, 2022. Results from the remaining 10 holes will be announced when assays have been received, checked and compiled.

At the Central BRX Zone, drill hole KL-21-553 returned 4.3 g/t gold and 77 g/t silver (5.4 g/t AuEq) over 8.26 metres. Hole KL-21-548 returned 13.5 g/t gold and 826 g/t silver (22.7 g/t AuEq) over 1.31 etres. Hole KL-21-545 returned 2.2 g/t gold and 106 g/t silver (3.5 g/t AuEq) over 3.92 metres. Hole KL-21-550 returned 4.5 g/t gold and 423 g/t silver (9.7 g/t AuEq) over 1.05 metres.

At the Central Klaza Zone, hole KL-21-525 returned 7.6 g/t gold and 28 g/t silver (8.0 g/t AuEq) over 4.87 metres and 6.1 g/t gold and 259 g/t silver (13.7 g/t AuEq) over 1.23 metres. Hole KL-21-530 returned 10.7 g/t gold and 130 g/t silver (13.8 g/t AuEq) over 2.35 metres. Hole KL-21-535 returned 6.0 g/t gold and 218 g/t silver (9.3 g/t AuEq) over 1.29 metres and 4.8 g/t gold and 22 g/t silver (5.3 g/t AuEq) over 3.03 metres.

At the Western Klaza Zone, hole KL-21-540 returned 23.7 g/t gold and 391 g/t silver (28.6 g/t AuEq) over 0.74 metres and 5.6 g/t gold and 446 g/t silver (11.3 g/t AuEq) over 0.81 metres. Hole KL-21-537 returned 2.1 g/t gold and 432 g/t silver over 1.00 m (6.4 g/t AuEq) over 1.05 metres.

At the Eastern Klaza Zone hole KL-21-556 returned 8.6 g/t gold (8.8 g/t AuEq) over 1.85 metres and 3.0 g/t gold and 487 g/t silver (7.9 g/t AuEq) over 1.05 metres. At the AEX Zone, hole KL-21-553 returned 1.5 g/t gold (1.7 g/t AuEq) over 7.65 metres starting at 5.75 metres downhole.

“The 2021 drilling within or adjacent to Klaza mineral resources2 was very successful, both filling gaps within underexplored portions of the mineral resource areas and continuing with the objective to upgrade inferred to indicated mineral resources,” stated Matt Turner, Rockhaven’s CEO. “We were especially impressed by the results from the Central BRX Zone, which has seen mostly shallow drilling along its 1.1 km strike length and may play a key role in the next phase of resource expansion at Klaza.”

The Central BRX Zone has been traced for a strike length of 1.1 km. It is flanked to the west by the Western BRX Zone (the most significant mineralized zone identified to date on the property), to the east by the Eastern Zones (which hosts bulk tonnage style mineralization not currently included in the Klaza Deposit mineral resources2), and to the south by the relatively untested AEX Zone.

The Central BRX Zone currently comprises only a small percentage of the total mineral resources2 at Klaza, in part because it has received much less drilling than other zones in the deposit. The results announced today, combined with previously announced results from 2021 drilling at this zone, demonstrate its potential to contribute to growth of resources.

A nearby area that could also be important to growth of mineral resources is the AEX Zone, which approximately parallels the BRX Zone, 125 metres south. Step-back drilling at the BRX Zone has intersected AEX Zone mineralization, as reported at the top of hole KL-21-553, which averaged 1.5 g/t gold over 7.65 metres, starting only 5.75 metres from surface.


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