Tarku samples up to 2,030 g/t silver at Silver Strike, Arizona

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Tarku Resources Ltd. [TKU-TSXV] has received assay results of several grab samples taken during a field visit grading up to 2,030 g/t (62.27 oz/ton) silver and the imminent launch of a 3,000-metre (10,000-foot) drill program on its 75%-optioned, 20 km2 Silver Strike Project in Cochise County in the historical silver district of Tombstone, Arizona.

High-grade silver rock sample, grading 2,030 g/t silver from selected grab sample collected in an outcropping mineralized vein system at the Ground Hog showing. The Ground Hog Showing is on a regional NNE structure that is interpreted to be related to the historic Tombstone area.

Tarku will complete a 3,000-metre drill program targeting the vicinity of past mines that produced high-grade silver as well as E-W and NNE structures known to carry high-grade silver as Ground Hog.

Tarku has received four of a total of eight samples taken during a field visit done during December 2020. Other significant results returned 45 g/t silver at the Solstice formert mine and 35 g/t silver at Ace in the Hole former mine. Remaining samples are expected to be received by the end of February.

Julien Davy, President and CE, stated: “These first results including the 2,030 g/t silver at Ground Hog demonstrate that high-grade silver mineralization is recoverable along the targeted NNE regional structure as far as 4 km away from the historical high-grade Tombstone area where we also control patented claims.

“The mines that produced in the early 1900 in the vicinity of the Tombstone city demonstrated impressive silver recoveries at a historical silver price as low as 1$/oz. Mining was conducted manually on high-grade veins until a maximum of 200 metres of depth. Tarku intents to prove that this geological high-grade environment at today’s silver price could be more profitable by demonstrating that those veins extend further at depth and also along regional faults for several kilometres.”

The drilling program will test various more advanced to early-stage targets with the initial targets being the Lucky Cuss, the Luck Sure, the Telephone and the Bunker Hill former mines which have produced high-grade silver and have been explored only to a maximum depth of 200 metres.

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